When a woman takes a new drug meant to enhance assertiveness by blocking empathy, she ends up locked in a deadly power struggle with her dismissive husband.

Mousy Hana is thrilled to discover a new pill that temporarily disables the empathy center of the brain so that people who have always had trouble putting themselves first can finally get a chance to succeed in life and love. Her husband, Aleksi, calls all the shots in their marriage, largely by criticizing and manipulating her into feeling sorry for him. With the help of the drug, Hana hopes to assert herself and improve their relationship.

At first, the pill seems to be paying off: she’s able to stand up for herself and meet her needs. But there’s a downside: when the drug wears off, all of her guilt comes rushing back. In order to avoid these attacks, Hana increases her dosage and, as a result, begins to lose her humanity.

Into the Uncanny Valley is a psychological horror/thriller with a touch of dark comedy that explores the cost of choosing to live without empathy – a trait traditionally associated with the feminine – in order to succeed in a man’s world.